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Create An All Year Round Usable Space

If you’re looking to replace your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof or are adding a single story extension, Icotherm roofs are a great thermally efficient option that offer both style and substance.

With a wide range of tile colours and styles available, you’ll be able to perfectly match your new roof to your existing home and with Velux windows, panoramic glass roof panels and lanterns all an option, you can create a truly spectacular looking roof.


Solid roof

Quick & Easy Installation

Designed for be installed quickly and minimise site disruption.

Solid roof

Building Control Compliant

The Icotherm system is fully compliant with Building Control Regulations.

Solid roof

Thermally Efficient

Use your room all year-round thanks to the highly insulated roof.

Solid roof


Choices of shapes, styles, finishes, lighting and roof windows types.

Solid roof


Sustainably sourced timber (FSC certified) and recyclable insulation for a reassuring green option.

Solid roof

10 Years Guarantee

Icotherm roofs receive a 10 year manufacturers warranty


We will match any genuine like for like quotation.

How Icotherm Roofs Work

Icotherm roofs feature a premium c24 building grade timber frame which is The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved. Timber is naturally thermally efficient and strong and when combined with 155mm EPS insulation, you get a roof that will keep your space cool in summer and warm in winter. Icotherm roofs also feature specialist ventilation to improve airflow and prevent the build up of mould and damp.

Icotherm roofs achieve a U-value of 0.15W/m2k which is more thermally efficient than a standard insulated house cavity wall (0.41w/m2k*). 

Solid roof
Solid roof

Do IcoTherm roofs come with building regulations certification?

Yes. Icotherm roofs achieve the required U-values and manufacturing standard to comply with building regulations, meaning you will receive a building regulations certificate and your new space will be officially and legally classed as a new room in your home.

This means you can remove your old conservatory doors and create an open plan living space, and you can also add radiators plumbed into your central heating system. These additions are not legally allowed in traditional conservatories with no building regs.

Match Your Icotherm Roof With Your Existing Property

We understand that it’s important for your new roof to match or compliment your existing home. That’s why Icotherm roofs come with a wide range of colour and style options designed to blend in or if you prefer, stand out!

Our lightweight tiles can replicate classic options such as stone, slate and terracotta to give your roof a real wow factor. The tiles are UV protected as standard and are also fire-rated, giving you additional piece of mind.

We also offer a wide range of fascias and guttering colours and styles to further compliment your new roof and existing property.


Create a Light That’s Right For You


solid roof

Natural Light

Add Velux windows, panoramic glass ceiling panels or an impressive lantern to your Icotherm roof to make the most of natural light.

solid roof


Ask for LED spotlights to be included in your roof design, which when paired with a beautifully plastered and painted ceiling create a real feel of space.

The Icotherm Collection

Our Solid Roofs are designed around a unique modular system, delivered in the form of pre-built pods, which give you the ability to have a fully bespoke product. Icotherm roofs are supported by structural calculations, and are compliant with building control regulations. We offer 4 different style, to suit all requirements.

Icotherm Solid Roof FAQ's

Yes. Through adding an Icotherm roof your room will be up to 70% cooler in summer and up to 90% warmer in winter. You’ll also benefit from reduced solar glare, noise reduction and greater privacy.
For conservatory roof replacements, most installations are completed in as little as 2-3 days with the roof usually on an watertight on day one. All installations vary however so this could take a little longer for bigger projects.
Although Icotherm roofs are fully compliant with building control regulations and come with a building regulations certificate, it’s always worth checking with your local building office. We can handle the building certification process for you once work is complete.
Icotherm roofs are only marginally heavier than glass roofs because they are made from strong yet lightweight materials. When we send a surveyor out they will be able to confirm this for you.
With a wide range of tile options and colours we’re sure you’ll find something to match or compliment your existing house and brickwork.
There will naturally be less light than a glass or polycarbonate roof, however this also means less sun glare and your room wont overheat. You can also choose to have LED lighting installed, or Velux windows, panoramic glass panels or even a lantern to increase natural light.

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