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What are trickle vents?

Trickle vents provide rooms in a property with ventilation, and are fitted at the top of windows and doors. They are adjustable so that airflow can be controlled, and come in a range of colours and finishes in order to match the frames they are installed in.
Trickle vents also come in a range of sizes. When new windows or doors are being fitted, the room in question will have an equivalent area (EA) measured in millimetre squares to determine the correct size of trickle vent for the room.

The aim of making trickle vents a legal obligation in new windows and doors is to ensure a better internal living environment by improving airflow for maximum possible ventilation. Trickle vents allow odours and moisture to be dispersed externally, whilst also allowing clean air to enter the property, preventing issues such as mould and damp.

Trickle Vent Regulations 2022

New regulations that came into force on 15th June 2022 stipulate that all new windows and doors fitted in England are legally required to be equipped with trickle vents. The new rules feature in Approved Document F, which gives guidance on ventilation requirements in buildings. The new legal requirement will affect both new and existing homes, extensions and self-builds.

What is Approved Document F?

Approved Document F outlines the criteria that has to be met to achieve the minimum levels of ventilation for a property. This criteria is as follows;

Who is responsible for compliance?

Compliance lies with window installers to fit trickle vents to all new windows and doors. Building Control and certification providers will oversee the new regulations, to ensure that the installation of trickle vents is adhered to.

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