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When you get new windows for your home, it is important to commit to a regular cleaning and maintenance routine. Things like pollution and weathering can stain or damage windows, and it is expensive to repair them or buy replacement windows. With some simple care and upkeep practices, you can keep them in good condition and maximise the lifespan of your windows.

There are various things to think about when looking after your windows. Read on for a complete guide to keeping them in optimal condition.

Caring for the Glazing

The glass in your windows needs to be cleaned regularly to keep looking and performing its best. We recommend that you wash your windows at least twice a year. You may need to do it more frequently than this if:

General Window Cleaning

Be mindful of the following tips for effectively cleaning your glazing:

If you need to remove paint from the glass, you may need to apply white spirit for spirit-based paints.

Dealing with Condensation

When temperatures drop, condensation can become a concern. It is a common problem inside homes and can lead to issues that may harm the windows or cause ill health in occupants.

If you have frequent problems with condensation, there may be an issue with ventilation or the quality of your glazing. We recommend trying the following before considering investing in new windows:

Window Frame Maintenance

Caring for your window frames is just as important as the upkeep of the glazing. Dirt from weather and pollution shouldn’t damage your windows, but it is best to clean the frames so that they look their best, particularly in cities or towns near coasts.

In rural regions, you should clean your window frames at least twice a year. If you live in an urban or coastal region, cleaning every three months is advised.

Aluminium and uPVC Window Maintenance

Aluminium windows and uPVC windows are low-maintenance compared with timber windows, which is one of many reasons they are so popular. Cleaning is usually straightforward, but here is some general advice for your reference:

Cleaning Timber Window Frames

Some homeowners opt for wooden window frames, particularly to conserve the look of period properties. Timber windows require more specialised care, but modern timber windows frames are usually coated with weather-resistant paint and coatings for added longevity.

Here is some general cleaning advice:

With timber frames, you will inevitably need to recoat the wood. This will help ensure the product outlives its guarantee and remains in top condition. Micro-porous wood stain or paint are recommended for recoating. Always apply them to clean, dry frames and follow the product instructions diligently.

Addressing Scratches and Chips

In rare instances, the wood of your timber window frame may be scratched or chipped unexpectedly. Damaged timber should be immediately re-painted or re-stained to protect the wood underneath.

Here are some basic tips to follow if this happens:

If you fail to treat scratches or chips, your product guarantee may be invalidated. It is wise to inspect your timber frames regularly for damage and address any issues you see swiftly. It is unlikely that damage will occur without your knowledge, but it can happen.

Maintaining Window Locks, Handles and Hinges

The locks, hinges, and handles of your windows don’t require regular maintenance. However, they will probably require occasional attention as time goes on. It is recommended to occasionally clean and polish the hardware. Moving parts like hinges and locks may need to be lubricated from time to time, particularly if you notice stiffness or squeaking.

Here’s some advice for cleaning:

Lubricating Window Locks and Hinges

When you need to lubricate these moving parts, keep the following advice in mind:

Final Thoughts

Maintenance of your windows is fairly straightforward, but it is important to keep up with it. Failure to do so could lead to issues like permanent marks or damage creeping in, and these problems are more costly to address.

Follow the guidance in this article and you will keep your windows looking and functioning at their best.

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