Astragal bars are a popular design feature for modern window replacements. They echo traditional style, so they are a particularly popular choice for period properties looking to upgrade to double-glazed or triple-glazed windows. Read on to learn more about astragal bars in window replacement.

What Are Astragal Bars?

Astragal bars are a contemporary solution to mimic glazing bars on sash windows. Traditionally, glazing bars were used to hold the glass inside the window frame, originating from a time when it was difficult to manufacture glass panes for traditional sash windows. Glassmakers were unable to produce large panes of glass, so they created smaller ones and held them within the window frame using glazing bars. Essentially, large windows were simply collections of smaller windows within these glazing bars.

Modern astragal bars are a contemporary replica of that look. They fit to the inside and outside of double-glazing units, dividing a single, large pane of glass into smaller sections for aesthetic purposes.

Why Are Astragal Bars Used in Modern Double-Glazed Windows?

Today’s astragal bars are not a functional feature of the window design. Instead, they are added to modern windows to create the illusion of a traditional appearance. What was once an innovative piece of window technology is now more of a statement piece, helping to reflect the vintage appearance to match the visual style of a period home.

Modern astragal bars are stuck onto a single pane of large glass. This gives the effect of multiple, smaller panes of glass.

What is the Difference Between Astragal Bars and Georgian Bars?

The fundamental difference between astragal bars and Georgian bars is that astragal bars are fitted on both sides of the double-glazing unit. Georgian bars, meanwhile, are only fitted to the internal side of the double-glazing unit.

Both Astragal and Georgian bars are different to original glazing bars because they are entirely cosmetic. Traditional glazing bars in sash or casement windows each held individual panes of glass. The idea was to make the structure stronger. Astragal and Georgian bars only exist to mimic the aesthetic of the traditional glazing bars, but play virtually no functional role.

Benefits of Astragal Bars vs Georgian Bars

Astragal bars yield the following benefits for your windows:

Georgian bars are similar, but their subtle differences mean the benefits they offer are not exactly the same:

In comparison, astragal bars are generally more effective for evoking the traditional, historic feel. Georgian bars offer a more timeless, balanced design. Astragal bars typically offer a uniform grid pattern that forms square shapes, but there is a little more flexibility in the grid patterns with Georgian bars.

Astragal bars are associated with certain architectural styles like colonial and cottage designs. Georgian bars are more directly inspired by the Georgian period. Both can be customised to fit different window sizes and styles, so the choice often comes down to personal preference.

Should I Choose Astragal Bars or Georgian Bars for My Windows?

The first consideration for this question should be the architectural style you are trying to fit. Your desired aesthetic and architectural context are key considerations when choosing between these two options. Ultimately, it comes down to which you prefer for your home.

In terms of functionality, neither style really makes much difference to the operation of your windows. Aesthetically, each style brings its own charm and character to the appearance of your windows. The key is that you can retain the character of your home with cutting-edge, modern windows to improve the energy performance of the property without sacrificing its aesthetic qualities.

If you would like to learn more about considerations when purchasing windows you can read our informative article How To Choose Replacement Windows.

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