How to Choose the Right Front Door Colour – Tips & Advice

May 9, 2024

If you don’t know your taupe from your ecru, or have no idea what a black front door says about you, it can be a little daunting picking a front door colour. For anyone wondering how to pick the best front door colour, this guide is here to help you make the right choices.

The colour of your front door can have an impact on the kerb appeal of your property. Should it match the colour of your home’s interior? Are there any classic ‘safe’ colours that help when selling a house?

It can be difficult to visualise the way your door will look from a mere sample colour, but we know how to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to front doors.

This guide will help you make the right choice about the front door colour for your home.

What Does the Colour of Your Front Door Mean?

Does it really matter what colour you paint your front door? Why not simply just pick your favourite? Well, colour actually has a lot of meaning and the choice you make for your front door could say a lot more than you might think.

Colour theory plays an important role in this:

  • Red: Draws the eye with its vibrant, stimulating nature, and suggests strength and power. A popular choice for period properties.
  • Orange: Full of colour and enthusiasm, it’s an extrovert and joyful colour choice.
  • Yellow: Full of youthful energy, this uplifting company stimulates decision-making.
  • Green: A refreshing colour associated with nature and health.
  • Blue: Instils calm and trust, representing loyalty and viewed as a classic colour.
  • Black: Sophisticated and powerful, black is a popular colour for traditional houses.
  • Grey: This is neutral and unemotional, but is associated with maturity.
  • Brown: Representing safety and reliability, this earthy cover is reassuring.

What Does it Mean to Pick a Black Front Door?

In the discipline of Feng Shui, the front door is the main source of energy in a house, allowing the flow of qi through the home. A black front door imparts a sense of protection – a powerful shield for your home’s entrance. Black is the perfect colour choice for a north-facing front door, but it should be avoided if your home faces south or west.

Aside from the teachings of Feng Shui, black is still representative of power and strength. Number 10 Downing Street has a black door, and it is a traditional choice for a city period property.

How to Choose the Right Front Door Colour

Selecting the best front door colour for your home starts with considering the architectural style and location of your house. After considering these factors, you should also factor in the colour of the brick and building materials. Let’s take a look at some suggestions.

Terraced Houses

A personal colour choice and a vibrant colour can add wow factor to your home’s kerb appeal. The bright splash will look cheerful and inviting so your home stands out against others.

Popular front door colours for terraced houses:

  • Yellow.
  • Turquoise.
  • Lime Green.

Period Properties

Traditional colours are great choices for period properties. Listed buildings often restrict the colours you can use for windows and doors – typically classic colours that align with the style of the house. Grand houses should use classic colours to match their visual style.

Popular front door colours for period properties include:

  • Black.
  • Dark Grey.
  • Red.
  • Dark Blue.
  • Sage Green.
  • Chartwell Green.

Contemporary Homes

If you have an architecturally-designed home, the choice is usually to go with natural wood materials or glass. Muted shades can look elegant and stylish on modern home styles.

Popular front door colours for modern properties include:

  • Steel.
  • Slate Grey.
  • Anthracite Grey.
  • Black.

Country Houses

The traditional country colours still work best for a country residence. Natural wood stains and varnish are always best to complement the natural surroundings.

Popular front door colours for country properties include:

  • Natural wood.
  • Classic Greens.
  • Sage.
  • Pastels.

Coastal Properties

Pastels are popular colour choices for the woodwork of any property by the sea. Choices like sea-green or blue are a good natural option.

Popular front door colours for coastal properties include:

  • Blues.
  • Turquoise.
  • Sea Greens.

Best Front Door Colour to Sell Your House

The front door is the first experience a person will have of your home, so it sets the standard for what they expect inside. First impressions count, and the best colour choice to sell your home is a classic colour that matches the style and location.

‘Safe’ options include:

  • Blacks.
  • Greys.
  • Blues.
  • Deep Reds.
  • Classic Greens.
  • Natural Woods.

Stay away from trendy bright colours like lime, orange or purple, as they may be not be to everyone’s taste. Never underestimate how personal colour is – a buyer will make a judgment about your house within seconds of seeing it, so make an impact with your front door colour.

Best Front Door Colours Based on House Colour

As mentioned, the colour of your house is just as important as its style and location for dictating the ideal door colour. Here are some popular choices:

White Houses

With pale stone or white, rendered buildings, bold contrasting colours work well. We recommend anything that stands out against the white. A navy-blue door can work well, or a black or dark grey one offers a striking monochromatic look.

If you want a more contemporary aesthetic, choose bright yellow, lime or turquoise for a fresh, appealing appearance. It will make a statement, but won’t be to everyone’s taste.

Red Brick Houses

Red brick houses are a prominent feature of the 1930s housing boom. The best front door colour for a red brick house is often a dark blue one. The orangey hue of red brick is complemented by dark blue – its opposite on the colour wheel.

Red brick is also one of the few colours strong enough to offset a white front door, and can match well with a steel blue or grey, or a pastel green.

Should a Front Door be the Same Colour Inside and Out?

Natural wood doors should always be the same colour inside and outside for that natural elegance. A painted timber door, or a composite door, usually looks better with different colours inside and out. One exception to this is a classic black or dark grey, which can suit most interiors with a striking contrast.

If your door opens into a hallway, a strong colour can still work as the space is more forgiving and can even be a focal point. But, if the door opens straight into a living space, you might want to recede it with a neutral colour, or one that matches a feature of your interior.

Once your front door is closed, consider how the interior colour suits the surrounding space inside your entrance. Try to offset the colour against interior decoration.

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